Trailer Test

After having covered the areas on our teaching syllabus and been taught the necessary skills you will be fully prepared to take the Trailer Test at the DSA centre based in Exeter.  We ensure you arrive in plenty of time(remember to bring your Driving Licence).  The format of the test is as follows:

  • You will be asked to read  a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres
  • The examiner will ask you some Show and Tell Questions (2 or 3) Download Here
  • You will be asked reverse the Trailer in a limited space and accurately into a loading bay
  • You will be asked un-couple trailer
  • You will be asked to demonstrate the Trailer checks
  • You will be asked to Re – Couple trailer

You will then go out on the road for about an hour, which will cover A and B roads, Dual carriageways, Motorways and City.

You are not allowed any more than 15 minor driving faults

On a successful completion of your test you will receive a Certificate and tow up to max of 3.5 tonnes

The examiner will take your old licence and will send it off to the DVLA to add the new category to your licence. (Please keep your certificate as proof of pass until new licence is received)