Trailer Structure & Syllabus

Based on the standard that is required to pass DSA Trailer Test we follow a structured syllabus that ensures you are fully prepared and have the necessary skills to pass. The structure we follow is as follows:

Un-coupling: -
Put handbrake on trailer
Twist out electrics
Release jockey wheel and tighten
Lift catch up on coupling
Wind up Jockey wheel until trailer hitch is clear from the ball (2-3 inches)
Take off breakaway cable

Trailer Checks: -
Check handbrake is applied
Pull Trailer to see if handbrake is working
Check electric and breakaway cable
Check sidelights are not cracked or broken
Check wheel arches and nuts are secure
Check tyres for good tread and pressure
Check what is inside of trailer
Check door is secure
Number plate is the same as towing vehicle
Rear lights are not cracked or broken and repeat checks on the other side

Re-coupling: -
Put on breakaway cable (safety
Lower the jockey wheel until trailer clicks onto ball
Wind up jockey wheel to check trailer is attached (safety)
Lift up Jockey wheel
Twist in electrics
Take handbrake off
(Ask examiner to Check Electrics)

Reversing: -
Keep close to the left cone at start
Keep your speed slow
Don’t over steer
Keep watching the back of the trailer
(Remember take effective observation throughout)

On the road: -
Use effective mirrors
Make progress when it is safe to do so
Awareness and planning (look well ahead)
Lane discipline
Use indication when it benefits another road user
Effective observation when moving away and at junctions
Be in the correct gear
Use accelerator sense (try not to break late)
If a pause becomes a wait apply the handbrake