Intensive Driving Course in Exeter

An Intensive Driving Course is perfect for people with little time and with a high amount of motivation to get their license. Here at Taylor Made Driving we specialise in Intensive Driving Lessons and cover Crediton, Sidmouth, Cullompton, Exmouth, Honiton, Tiverton and Kenton.

Standard lessons are two hours at a time, on average one a week. As such it takes a fair amount of your lesson time to get back into the feel of driving from the previous week. So by the time you’re feeling confident and your skills have improved the 2 hour lesson is nearly over.

With intensive courses there is no 2 – hour lesson, no stopping and starting each week. You do several hours each day for several days, so you don’t forget as much as you would in a normal 2-hour lesson. As such our intensive courses are becoming more popular with people who do not want to spread the learning process over several months.
The course duration will depend on your previous driving experience.