Driving Theory Test

In 1996 the Theory test was first implemented by the D.S.A for car drivers and motorcyclists. The idea was that By studying and taking the test new drivers would  improve their attitude towards safety when on the roads.

The test can be taken at D.S.A Theory Test Centres in Towns & Cities throughout the UK. The theory test is made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. To pass you must pass both parts of the test. So if you pass one part and fail the other you’ll fail the whole test, and you’ll need to take both parts again.

The questions in the multiple-choice test will depend on the category of vehicle you are hoping to get a licence for. The categories of questions are based on:
For the hazard perception test there are no separate versions for different vehicles, but the pass mark is different for them.

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety and your vehicle
  • Safety margins
  • Hazard awareness
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Other types of vehicle
  • Vehicle handling
  • Motorway rules
  • Rules of the road
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Documents

For more information about the Diving Theory Test visit: www.gov.uk/theory-test