Structured Driving Tuition Using a Taylor Made Driving Lesson Syllabus

At Taylor Made Driving we believe the secret of our success is ensuring our candidates are fully prepared for their Driving Test. We follow a syllabus that covers all the necessary skills you will need to pass your driving test and to have skills needed to be a safe diver when they have passed their test. During your time with us you will be taught the following:

General Driving Skills: -

Cockpit drill
Moving off
Hill starts (up and down)
Gear changing
Clutch control
Use of mirrors
Use of signals

Approaching Junctions to: -

Turn left (major to minor road)
Turn right (major to minor road)

Emerging at Junctions to: -

Turn left (minor road to minor road)
Turn right (minor road to major road)
Go ahead (crossroads)

Approach roundabouts to: -

Turn left
Go ahead
Turn right

Normal driving positioning
Lane discipline
Emergency stop

Manoeuvring the car: -

Turn in the road
Reversing around a corner
Parallel parking
Bay parking

Dealing with: -

Traffic lights
Pedestrian crossings
Dual carriageways
Independent driving
Awareness and planning